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Monday, July 22, 2013

How fast time flys

Well, time doesn't fly, because that would suggest that its a physical being capable of movement, which as far as we humans know, it is not. But sorry for not keeping up with this! Well, I can't technically can't say keeping up, because that would mean that this blog itself is a physcial being, where that is also possible as this blog is just digital information, 1's and 0's, that can be switched off with simple lines of code. Anyway, i started playing Cube World (click on those words to go to the website on a new tab) and it is a load of fun! I started getting hang-gliding, then I went for pet riding. Anyways, you probably (don't) want to know what is happening in life, so I won't tell you! Anyway, this has gone long enough, as some people have bad attention spans. This is the end. Now bye. 

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